Build a deeper connection today!

In this first course of the Power&Intimacy curriculum, you’ll improve your understanding of your own desires and begin to put those desires into words, and you’ll practice sharing your desires for power exchange with your partner or partners using language that is inviting, connecting, and authentic.

Course Information

  • This course requires at least one partner. Doing it solo won't work! Partners can take the course in the same room together or remotely.

  • This course requires about two hours of uninterrupted, focused time.

  • The content of this course is not porn, and there is no nudity or titillation, but it does address kinky and erotic themes.

  • This course is about relationships, not technique. It will help you get closer to your partners and take your power exchange deeper. It will not teach you about whips or ropes.

  • This course requires creating a Thinkific account. The name you provide when you sign up for the account will be displayed with your course participation. If you want anonymity, don't use your real name. If you already have a Thinkific account, create a new one to keep this intimate material separate from your other Thinkific learning.

  • All videos in this course are closed captioned.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome & Orientation: Look at this right away!

    • Welcome

    • Opening Activity

  • 2

    Power Exchange Desire Part One

  • 3

    Power Exchange Desire Part Two

    • Sharing Desire: Instructions

    • Sharing Desire Prompt 1: Being Seen

    • Sharing Desire Prompt 2: Commitment

    • Sharing Desire Prompt 3: Hopes

    • Sharing Desire Prompt 4: Wondering

    • Sharing Desire Prompt 5: Appreciation

    • Sharing Desire: Sharing!

    • Your Heraldry

  • 4


    • Conclusion

    • Feedback